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Planning a Road Trip--Short Version

The web is full of key resources in planning a great family road trip.  This website organizes those resources in a manner we have found to be most useful.  Here are some recommended steps for planning a road trip and using this site.

1.  Get a road atlas.  Paper works, but a computerized version like Microsoft Streets and Trips of Delorme Street Atlas gives you a lot more flexibility.

2.  Decide on a few key destinations.  Click on a state to find national parks, state parks, resorts, historical places, amusement parks, etc.  Plan enough time to not be rushed in getting there.   Put those places on your map.

3.  Make the journey part of the adventure by looking for things to see and do along the way.  Click on a state to browse for things to do along the way.  Look for scenic byways, national forests, and tourist attractions as well as national parks and historical monuments.  Put these places on your map as well.

4.  Click on a state to browse the web for interesting and/or convenient places to stay.  On our road trips, we try to not spend too much time in one place, there are too many things in this country to see.

5.  Mark all this out on map and look for times of excessive driving.  Adjust route as necessary.

6.  Make reservations: the best and least expensive things to see in this country also fill up the fastest.