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Cross-Country Business Transfer

Recently at my work, there was an opportunity to take an assignment which would support a new division.  Part of the assignment involved a 4 month training assignment in Virginia.  Virginia is a long ways away from where we were in Oregon, and most people didn't want to bother with the inconvenience of moving around.  Our family welcomed the opportunity to travel and see some new things, so we volunteered.  We tried to take advantage of the opportunity and see as much as possible on the way out.

Some things we were able to see on the way out included Dinosaur National Monument in Utah, Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, Historic Nauvoo in Illinois, the St. Louis Arch, Mammoth Cave National Park, and several scenic by-ways we had read about online.  These are the things we were able to see without too much added time.  We would have loved to have seen more things on the way, but we were in a hurry and had to average ~500 miles a day.  Nevertheless, the trip out to Virginia turned out to be a fun adventure.

Trip from Oregon to Virginia


Proposed Trip to Next Assignment (Still in Planning Phase)